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User registration form

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    Entry form

    Confirmation of input contents

    Product nameRequired

    Serial numberRequired

    Please refer to the product label of the main body of the device or the S / N label of the outer box.

    (Administrator registration → Password entry → About this device → Serial number)(For Tablet)

    Camera serial number

    Please fill in if you selected EdgeAITablet

    Purchase dateRequired

    ※Maintenance period: One year from the purchase date (delivery date) (including delivery date)

    Name of company from which purchased

    If you have purchased multiple products, please enter the serial number in the xlsx file.
    Download the template below and upload the file with the serial number.

    Click here to download the xlsx template

    Company nameRequired

    Department nameRequired

    Name of person in chargeRequired


    Product installation location address

    *If the installation location is different from the above address, please fill it.

    Phone numberRequired

    Email addressRequired

    FAX number